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The Transfer Process

Steps to Transfer

  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Define educational and career goals
  • Learn about transfer resources at San Juan College: advising, events for transfer, articulation plans with partner institutions if you choose to attend one of them, and how your path will benefit in transferring to the major and school of your choice.   

Begin preliminary research of transfer school:

  • Do they have the major you intend to pursue?
  • What is their location?
  • Would you like to live on or near campus and attend in person, or do you want to be an online student?
  • Is student housing available if you wish to attend on campus?
  • Is the university private or public?
  • What does an ideal class size look like to you?
  • What is the cost - to include tuition, financial aid, and scholarship information?
  • What are the admission requirements - GPA requirements and application processes and deadlines?

Narrow down your search after finding a school or schools that fit your needs - ask your SJC advisor for help:

  • Understand the admission guidelines:
    • GPA requirements
    • Application deadlines
    • Policies regarding repeated courses and GPA calculation
    • Minimum and maximum transfer credits that are accepted
  • Talk to a university representative - at an SJC event or connect to an admissions advisor (your SJC advisor can assist with this connection.)
  • Visit the transfer university campus if you have the opportunity.

  • Note deadlines and documents needed:
    • Application deadline
    • Financial Aid deadline
    • Scholarship requirements and deadlines
    • Housing application deadlines
  • Decide to apply to one or multiple universities.
  • Make notes of the names of people you speak with at each school and the information you discussed. Doing so will help build your support network at your transfer institution!

Complete transfer tasks (SJC advisors and an admission's advisor at the new institution can provide direction for you):

  • Apply (application fees vary by university, and some offer waivers)
    • Some standard application requirements often include:
      • Application Fee
      • Official Transcripts
      • Vaccination Records (especially if living on campus)
      • Testing Records (ACT, SAT, CLEP, AP Scores, etc.)
      • Letters of recommendation
      • An essay or personal statement
  • Send transcripts (it is common for the university to ask for official transcripts twice - at the time of application and again after you graduate from San Juan College.)
  • Check the financial aid requirements for priority deadlines:
    • Update your FAFSA for the new school
    • Research and apply for scholarships that are available to transfer students (many of our partner institutions offer special transfer scholarships to SJC graduates.)
    • Apply for housing if you will be living on campus.

  • Apply for SJC graduation.
  • Review transfer acceptance letter and follow up with any requirements.
  • Notify SJC financial aid office of your intent to transfer.

Phone: (505) 566-3404

Educational Services Building
Room 4106

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