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San Juan College’s (High Impact Practices) HIP Hub focuses on helping further students’ success. 

What are HIPs (high-impact practices)?

HIPs are active learning, evidence-based practices that promote deep learning by promoting student engagement and equity on college campuses. HIPs include service learning, common intellectual experiences (such as One Book/One Community), global studies, collaborative assignments and projects, undergraduate research, portfolios and capstone projects, internships, and first-year seminars.

What are the benefits?

  • Students who participate in HIPs are more likely to complete college, maintain a high GPA and have an overall positive college experience. 
  • HIPs provide a collaborative space for educators to develop new teaching ideas and learn from one another.

HIP Hub Student Services

HIP Hub Educator Support Services

Group of people seated at conference tableThe HIP Hub can also assist educators with:

  • Class presentations for service learning
  • Facilitation with the Student Showcase & Research Conference
  • Facilitation with any HIP development
  • Professional development activities on HIPs and equity
  • Connecting with other educators who are implementing HIPs
  • Communication about HIPs research and campus activities and events  
  • One Book/One Community activities
  • Connecting to the Experiential Learning Advisory Council (ELAC)
  • Additional Educator Resources can be found on MySJC. 

(505) 566-4274

West Classroom Complex Room 1626 (next door to CPED)